Dr. Oz – White Tea Benefits

The following quotes come from Dr. Oz’s website about white tea…

While Americans’ number one source of antioxidants is from coffee, Dr. Oz says there are better hot beverages out there, like green tea. Another great tea option is white tea. “It’s not new—it’s very old—and [has] been used for centuries for healing purposes.”

White tea is from the same plant as green tea, but it’s produced in a different way. While green tea is made of leaves dried to the point where the tea will be dark in color, white tea is made from an immature plant bud that isn’t dried at all. Instead of steeping the leaves, white tea is steamed. Dr. Oz says the potential for medicinal benefits of white tea—beyond a very small amount of caffeine as compared with other kinds of tea and coffee—comes from this lack of drying.

Dr. Oz says you should drink about four cups of green or white tea a day.

Our comments:

It’s great that the benefits of white tea are becoming mainstream thanks to cutting edge Doctors like Dr. Oz as well as the proliferation of the retail tea business through companies like Teavana and Starbucks etc. White tea has proven to not only to be unique in its great flavor,  but also in its ability to support good health. Green tea is still a great tea for health, but we agree with Dr. Oz that white tea is just better.