White Tea Glossary

Complete White Tea Glossary

White tea is one of the most rarest and expensive tea of the world. Unlike other teas, it does not undergo a fermentation process, rather it is left to wither and dry out. In this tea glossary, you will find a detailed list of all the terms and concepts related to white tea and their respective descriptions to help broaden you knowledge of tea culture.

Aroma – the smell of the brewed tea leaf.

Blend – it is a mixture of various types of teas.

Da Hao – it is produced using tender spring tea buds. This type of tea has a subtle delicious aroma and is sweet and delicious to taste.

Gong Mei – this tea is made from the leaves rather than the buds of the tea tree. It undergoes a greater amount of processing and therefore, is considered to be a lower grade white tea with an earthy taste.

Jun Shan – this is the ‘king of yellow teas’ in China and is floral to taste at first but ends up leaving a smoky taste in your mouth. Only the buds are picked and subjected to a process, known as, pan firing and are later oxidized for a brief seventy two hour period.

Peony – this is the second best quality in white teas and consists only of buds and leaves. Is has a rich floral-fruit flavor. The peony tea has a light caffeine content and rich texture making it one of the most favorite amongst tea drinkers.

Polyphenols – chemical compounds found in tea, which are said to benefit human health. These are antioxidants and to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Puerah – this is sometimes referred to as a dark or black tea. It is produced by the pile fermentation method, which occurs because of a chemical reaction between bacteria and freshly cut tea leaves. This type of tea is known to cut down excess body fat.

Shou Mei – another lower grade white tea, which is made only from the leaves. Although this tea has a sweet taste, over brewing it causes it to become extremely bitter.

Silver Needle – this is the most exquisite white tea type. It is recognized by its ivory colour and had a sweet, floral taste. This tea originates in the Fuding and Zhenghe counties. This tea was reserved only for the Chinese Imperial family and was hand harvested for only two days of the year.

Silver Tips – this is the least processed tea and has a grass like aroma. As the do not undergo any processing, silver tip tea has the highest amount of antioxidants present in it. This tea is hand picked and is used to revitalize patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Tea Buds – also known as ‘tips’. These are the small unopened leaves of a tea plant and are considered to be of richer, better quality.

White Chai – this tea encompasses sweet and spicy flavours. It comprises of coconut, ginger, pineapple, cinnamon and cloves. The white chai is a much milder version of the traditional strong chai, and is very healthy to drink.

Yin Zhen – the most expensive variety of white tea. It is slightly oxidized and is produced using only the leaf shoots from the first flush. This tea is known for its anti-toxin and cooling properties in decreasing body heat.

Pau Mui Tan – Originated from Fuding, Fujian State, Pau Mui Tan tea leaves have silvery-white color. The leaves are plucked from a bush called Narcissus and then they are naturally dried (in the daylight). This tea has three times greater antioxidants than black or green tea. It is effective to remove symptoms causing skin sagginess. The taste of Pau Mui Tan is quite sweeter and lighter.

White Peony – White Peony is the other name of Pau Mui Tan.

Bai Hao – Bai Hao means “white tip” or “white down” followed by words Yin Zhen, which means, “silver needle”. Putting them we then have the phrase “White Tipped Silver Needles”, which is considered one of the finest white teas in the world. With the best Bai Hoa Yin Zhens coming out of from the Fujian Province of China.

Yin Zhen pearls – As the name suggests, this kind of white tea has pearl shape. Early in the spring, these tea buds are grown in the Chinese province, Fujian.

White Jasmine Tea – The tea consists of Silver Needle (white tea) fragranced with Jasmine flower petals to give a beautiful Jasmine aroma and taste. The taste of the tea is light and little sweet with dim yellow color.

Loose White Tea – The white tea leaves those are plucked, sun-dried and packed in pouches are called loose white tea. These pouches are available in various stores for people to buy and make white tea at home.

Bulk Loose Tea – A Bulk loose tea is available in one packed that person can purchase from stores and enjoy for several months at home.

Full Leaf Tea – Full leaf tea is different from tea bags. It is present in its most natural form without any preserving and crushing.

Tea Leaves – Many tea manufacturers produce tea leaves as it is in packets instead of crushed leaves to provide better taste, aroma and health.