White Tea is a rare delicacy amongst teas. Tea connoisseurs recognize the White Teas for their unmatched intricacy of complex natural sweetness and delicate floral and herbal undertones.  It is mainly produced in Fujian Province of China with only limited production elsewhere. Amongst white teas the most expensive variety and the most prized is called Yin Zhen Silver Needle White Tea. Most Yin Zhen is made from the Da Bai or Large White tea tree variety.  Unlike all other teas including black, Oolong, green or other semi-fermented varieties, white tea is completely unprocessed. It is considered the rarest, most expensive and by far the healthiest of all the teas.

The process goes like this; the leaves are gathered and then they steamed and dried, that’s it!  Of course they gathered very specifically and dried very carefully.  The White Pai Mu Tan is a more affordable white tea, but the Yin Zhen (Silver Needles) White Tea, which is only produced in limited quantity, is one of the costliest teas in the entire world.

The harvest of the Yin Zhen White Tea last for only two days out of the year in the spring (Between March 15 and April 10). The harvest can be cancelled at anytime due to heavy winds or any amount of rain. This Imperial gathering is always done by hand and only the fresh spring leaf buds that are covered with a downy silvery needles are picked.

The Yin Zhen becomes a golden crystalline infusion in the cup with subtle yet delectable flavors that have undertones like no other tea on Earth.  Some have described the Yin Zhen with the following attributes:


  • Hints of Lingering Floral
  • Smooth Body with Soothing Undertones
  • Citrusy, Mellow, Flowery tea
  • Sweet Lily White Aroma
  • Soft and Creamy With No Tannins
  • Loaded with Subtle Flavor
  • Delicate, Light, Fresh, and Sweet
  • Perfectly Palate Neutral
  • A Cup Fit For Emperors and Kings


  • Exceptionally High Amount of Antioxidants (more than any other tea)
  • May Inhibit the Growth of Certain Types of Cancer
  • May Reduce Lines and Wrinkles
  • Excellent for Skin Complexion
  • Approximately 1% of the Caffeine of Most Coffee